" A goal without a plan is just a wish . ."
- Larry Elder

Monday, August 31, 2009

last .

last post for august. .
nd i say, this was a good "blogging" month. . i say. .161?

go meika =]

loveeMEIKA =]

before i .

start my project. i just wanna post this.

i love these colors.
the blue, the purple, the orange.
they go so swell together dont you think?
loveeMEIKA =]

live a lie.

for some reason, this is the video on my youtube acoount
with a l o t of views & comments [27].
people love this song. .

"live a lie" - jazmine sullivan.

sometimes i wonder if i wanna follow what she says, live a lie. . but its not good.
i rather for the truth to hurt then to look silly when its a lie.

loveeMEIKA =]


my ipod touch. . generation one. . the first one.
info; 16g for $200. not bad.

get at me if you mean business, first come first serve.
cash only. kthanks =]

loveeMEIKA =]


im READY . .. are you?

loveeMEIKA =]

successful offical video.

remember who had it first. .
i like the whole vibe of the video.
speakin of "trey songz" . . .
his cd comes out today. . "ready" . .

i am in there.

loveeMEIKA =]


sooo. "new new" is rumored that it MIGHT not be weezy's baby. . she has been in an off&on relationship with the rapper, "mano" .. [why these boys girl? what is your problem] .. i spy a DNA test sooon !

speaking of weezy. .

nivea looks pretty , but in pain. i dont know how she could be in those heels ! lord girl.

loveeMEIKA =]


thru thick&thin.

loveeMEIKA =]

how bout this. .

im tired of people telling me what to do. .
but thats part of life, so i guess i gotta wake up.

loveeMEIKA =]

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The days where Black people were the only ones who could seriously blow are long gone. These two Filipinos sound phenomenal singing Destiny's Child's "Cater 2 U". and i feel that i need to share them with you. .

Both of these dudes are really gifted. Check out the guy on the left with the guitar, Passion, playing the keys and singing "So Beautiful" by Musiq Souldchild below:

sometimes acoustic is the way to go.
its so calming. .
i knew about them before, they have a song i always been in love with. .
its called "lemonade" =]


For more from Passion, go to his webpage: www.Simply-Passion.com

if you listen, you will love it.

loveeMEIKA =]

newMUSIC !

R Kelly Feat Ciara - Orgasm

[ what is up with kelly nd all these sex songs, but its him ]

Wale (Feat. Jazmine Sullivan) - World Tour (Prod. by Cool & Dre)
[ jazmine sullivan is doing her thing. . nd wale too]

loveeMEIKA =]

c'mon son pt3

loveeMEIKA =]


dont make a right.

im tired of that.

loveeMEIKA =]

Saturday, August 29, 2009


michael jackson.

i find this very calming.
david sides is amazing when it comes to the piano. .
listen to HIS tribute. .

loveeMEIKA =]


Yesterday Wiz put up the behind the scenes video for "Material".

YalL notice how I said "Wiz" like me and him are cool or something right? aha

I just have a few points to make...
1. Is Wiz Khalifa not the cutest skinny dude you know?
2. The girls in the background look about 13 years old.
3. One of them definitely said "Taylor Game" instead of "Taylor Gang" (smh)
4. Pittsburgh accents are RIDICULOUS. I can't even wrap my mind around it.
(Furthermore, if I ever try to imitate it, just pass me a report card with an F on it. aha)
5. He definitely "brought the spears" for this video.
6. Is Wiz Khalifa not the cutest skinny dude you know? haha

P.S. I love him for that face he made when he stuck his head out the car window.

loveeMEIKA =]

they got nothin on me.

im tired of this song. . the commericals be ugh ! lmao.
but its a good song tho. . she coming back along with drizzy.


the right one.

remember when i had the "ghetto" sneak peak. .
well here. .

loveeMEIKA =]

back to school. . .

she's wonderful

loveeMEIKA =]

dont smoke.

Shaniece Robinson posted this on twitter. . nd i was like. . oh. . my gosh.

loveeMEIKA =]

car wash.

thanks to everyone that came out to help !
every penny and hand helped ! for more pictures click HERE

loveeMEIKA =]

i got you the key to my heart,

you unlocked it. .
thanks to lizbrey [@LOVEtells] its her fault im
putting this song up. if it wasnt for her, i wouldnt
have listened to my old love, lil romeo.
she sent me a lyric and i had to listen to the song,
i unchecked him for a reason on my itunes. .
but now he checked. ugh. i remember i used to
listen to him all the time. the same how people
listen to gucci and wayne. well this was my favorite
song, i knew it was a remake of luther vandros [sp]
& i remember all the words, sadly. .

loveeMEIKA =]

Friday, August 28, 2009


i think i need a break frm this till school starts..

ima be busy till the 8th =[

loveeMEIKA =]

Thursday, August 27, 2009


since she after me. ..
nd the nicest person out in the world.
i thought i should blog about her..
well shes tryna find a realBOY. .
shes tired of those freshMAN that
be walkin around .. she wants her a
collegeBOY. if yu get it. .raise ur hand. .
i know i dont. . but she likes them to be
cluts .. someone that doesnt open the door
but runs into them. . & someone that can
teach her how to "peel bananas" eh.
so if yu have a #twittercrush on ol girl. .
tweet it.. nd let all of us know =]
lets just HOPE. . she finds one soon.
so she can be nice =]

loveeMEIKA =]

its a joke yu guys. . hope knows i loveee HER.


after SHE read it. .

oh YES.

loveeMEIKA =]

souljaBOY. .

so ghetto
but he was on live just a few minutes ago
and he made a video to his successful shoot..
nd i record it with my camera. . live. lmao
he was on ustream. ahaha . yu can hear him ;D
where you hear it from first?

loveeMEIKA =]


mMm !

loveeMEIKA =]

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

jazminH !

{ me. jazmin. felica }
i love her to death.
she is so fun to be around.
so on monday we went to kings dominion for her birthday..
which was on a tuesday. . nd remember when i talked about
the new roller coaster that was gonna be there next spring?
well we took a picture infront of the pieces. . how dorky?
we were excited when we did. along with felica, we had a GREAT
time :D are you jealous because i am. . lmao.

but before we got there. . it took forever because jazmin . .*cough*
"mom just keep going straight till you see a sign" LMAO !! there was
NO sign . AHAH. then we parked in the shade next to a grave yard.
then prayed in the middle of the parking lot. . angels were around us =]

we rode like ALL the rides there, there were no lines. our longest wait
was for "Volcano" which was about 30 mins. . then we went to "Flight
of Fear" and right when we got to the front . . . it closed -_-. the ONLY
ride i didnt mess with was "Drop Zone" . . i left that all to Jaz& Felica. .

the sun was in my eyes !

we ran into scoooby :D

he loved me. . he kept petting me like i was part of his litter.

heres a display of the ride thing. . took it from outside.
here us talking?

thanks jazmin =]
"riiide on"

loveeMEIKA =]

a little taste.

This chick is really giving me what I need right now. When I first heard that D. Woods's sister was trying to put an album out, I payed it absolutely no attention. Little did I know, this chick is really talented.

If you recognize her face, it's because she played the lead female role in Lil Wayne's "Prom Queen" video. But what you may not know is that she actually penned the track for Wayne.

Shanell, a.k.a. SNL, currently has a mixtape out, entitled A Taste of Shanell. PressPlay below to hear her first single, "Play In My Band."

& now her & minaj. . uh huh. . hip hop&rock&roll in ONE ..

loveeMEIKA =]

bow wow presents. .

Struggling to shade his child-star image & attempting to shine as a young man amongst the Rap Game, Bow Wow releases his first Mixtape entitled: "GreenLight".

01. Greenlight Intro (Produced by King Dave)
02. One 4 The Money
03. I’m Dat Nigga
04. In My City
05. Regret
06. On My Mind
07. Love Struck
08. Come Smoke With me
09. Sock It 2 Me
10. This Is My House
11. Lambo
12. Do I Love Her (feat. Khleo)
13. Potential
14. I’m Too Good (feat. DJ Jus)
15. You Know I’m Nasty
16. I’m Goin In (feat. DJ Jus)
17. I Know I’m The Shit
18. All I Got
19. Long Bread
20. All My Life (feat. Jermaine Dupri)
21. Go Harder
22. Belt 2 Match
23. So You Mad (feat. DJ Jus)
24. I Love Cash Money

here is some of it. . it might HYPE up cash money ;D

loveeMEIKA =]

happy 5 months. .

im so silly ;D

jamell leon president <3

the movies&unos. .
staaay STRONG. . we in there.

i love you bae.
f.a.g. l.o.s.e.r. s.l.u.t. b.u.m
our OUR definitions of everything =]

loveeMEIKA =]

why he so. .

cute? but his song be eeeh? lmao. he alright.
alright TRE !! i see YOU ! lmao jk

"haters on youtube . haters on worldstar . haters on the internet . . "

loveeMEIKA =]

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


jazmin <33

a better post for her later tonight :D cuz im via g1.

loveeMEIKA =]

bum schedule.


1] AP Biology - marcia
2] VA&US Govt- mclaughlin
3] TA Hrs English 12 - kary
4] a/b weight training - reamon


1] Fashion Marketing - Turner
2] StudyBlock in the cafe. . again - Rhoad
3] Adv Sports Marketing - Myers [ my fav class ]
4] Computer Programing - Ferran

i know my aDays gonna suck, they set me up maan !
i wanna change it so bad, like forreal.
freakin landstown =[

tell me if yu kno anything bout my teachers .. please.
nd if yu got anything. .ugh. junior year.

loveeMEIKA =]


Aaliyah Dana Haughton

i know she has inspired a lot
of female singers out there.
i remember when it happend; i was in chicago
& my parents called me in the living room,
nd they showd me the tv, nd i ran down
stairs crying. it was horrible =[

this was my favorite song by here. hands down.

i miss her voice; nd i still wonder if she still was alive. . who would she marry, what her kids would look like. .& just about everything. she was & still beautiful. she would have been beautiful 30 this year. .

did you know she was casted as "HONEY" in the movie. ."honey" but was replaced by jessica alba? well yea. . i think it would have turned out MUCH better. .

got that from her website. took work maan.

r.i.p. to a great. . Aaliyah Dana Haughton [1979- 2001]

the boy is mine.

old school;

new school;

its not that bad.
but they aint messing with the classic.

loveeMEIKA =]

Monday, August 24, 2009


since kwame already had a "comment" on the side; this made me laugh !

oh yeah; check out his mixtape if you didnt. . .

click HERE.

loveeMEIKA =]

photography !

i STILL want to be a photographer when i grow up; check out my latest !!

for more click HERE
the link NOW works.**
loveeMEIKA =]


oh yes. this

to this. .

in Angola .. in Africa. . thats how they made it. . so its more appealing to the people of their country.

loveeMEIKA =]


the BEST !

loveeMEIKA =]

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Are these girls serious? Soulja Boy groupies…my heart hurts.

loveeMEIKA =]

newMUSIC !

ARAB !! new song.

this video makes me laugh.

1] he looks like my besTfriend Tre ! lmao. he gets mad everytime i call him "arab"
2] lines like these "I da shit, I da shit...uh Idaho." WHAT?! lmao

man oh man.

this is soulja boys new song . . "rubberBands" aha.
its funny i guess. idk ! lmao. they doing "things" . . with they lives !

TREY SONGZ. . new song feat fabo ! "say ahh"

Gucci Mane Feat. Trey Songz - Beat It Up


loveeMEIKA =]

Saturday, August 22, 2009

i dont understand. .



1] they said they would tell me if im doing something wrong but they dont.
2] they act like the phone acts one way. . "why you dont text me?" iight . . look you have my number & i have yours. if you want to talk to me, just type in my number in your phone. . & do something. im not saying i dont want to talk to you, its just that people complain i dont talk to them !
3] they think they everything&the world cares. i personally know that i only have a handful of people who care bout me. like i know people just wanna know what im doing cuz the stuff i talk bout is interesting, but when it comes to my feelings, its like no ones there.
4] my boyfriend, my problems. when somethings wrong with HIM, dont sit there nd run to him and say "whats wrong". . hop off groupies. so serious. i know some of yall hoes read what i put on here to see us fall apart, we are a STRONG couple. . live with it. & dont be saying "when your tired of her . . im right here" oh DOUBLE no. i know WHO you are& meika KNOWS EVERYTHING. ima say this again, "we are a STRONG couple. . live with it.". im finally happy . .no matter how much i complain, nd im not letting no one mess this up.
5] if you have a problem with what i post on; twitter, blogspot, myspace, or even facebook. . you dont have to follow me . . so i dont know why alot of people complain bout that too. .
6] if you have a problem with someone or something, dont sit there and keep sayin stuff. . i know if you "stop" then it would make you look like a punk. but its YOU that is being the better person in the situation because it might lead up to something worst.

see, im tryna stay drama free.
but people DONT understand i have
a really bad temper & i will go off.

im not "pointing" anyone out, but i just
want people to know what i feel.
like really.

if you dont like what i have to say.. then
simply read number 5. . till YOU understand.

loveeMEIKA =]

you know you ghetto when. .

You gotta wrap a rubber band around your phone charger just for it to work.. lmao. i did THAT weds night, but i got a new one.

(this picture has nothing to do with this post but its HIGH-larious hah)

loveeMEIKA =]

teach me how to jerk

theres finally a video for it.

it doesnt sound like the original, but itll do.
loveeMEIKA =]


loveeMEIKA =]

CLASS OF 2011 !

i made a BLOG for our class. check it out; 
questions? get at ME !

loveeMEIKA =]

Friday, August 21, 2009


so i have these cousins that live in chicago. well not anymore. .because they're in college. .
& everytime i see them. . i compare them to these two. . & they always get mad.

souljaBOY& lebronJames.

russell || soulja boy

jeremiah || lebron james

i know what youre thinking.
"meika you think soulja boy is cute"
but hello, i dont look at them like i do
with celebrities. thats NASTY ! lmao.

both of them model, track, & football.
i think its funny. russell used to date
bernie macs REAL neice. . . didnt like her..

you cant tell me that they dont
look like the celebrity to their right. .
i know im not crazy !

loveeMEIKA =]

ps; i think their coming sometime this year?
E X C I T I N G !

the blueprint 3

Set for a September 09' release, Jay-Z officially reveals the final track-listing for the anticipated album"Blueprint 3"... & explains the meanings behind the cover.

"These things are like the forgotten pieces in hip-hop. It's still about music. It's not about radio, making gimmicks -- it's still about making music. Those things are piled in the corner. These are the forgotten things about music ... The three stripes that everybody is asking about is made from the original [number] three. The first three they made on the wall was someone carving. If you look at [the number] three, all they did was connect lines. The whole thing about this album, how I approached it, is that I wanted to make a new classic to start that all over again --to go back to making classic albums like the ones we grew up listening to."

titles include:

1. - What We Talkin' About featuring Luke Steele
2. - Thank You
3. - D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)
4. - Run This Town featuring Rihanna & Kanye West
5. - Empire State Of Mind featuring Alicia Keys
6. - Real As It Gets featuring Young Jeezy
7. - On To The Next One featuring Swizz Beatz
8. - Off That featuring Drake
9. - A Star Is Born featuring J. Cole
10. - Venus VS. Mars
11. - Already Home featuring Kid Cudi
12. - Hate featuring Kanye West
13. - Reminder
14. - So Ambitious featuring Pharrell
15. - Young Forever featuring Mr. Hudson

I've never seen a
Jay-Z album full of so many features. It's like he couldnt do it by himself like he used to. but im kinda excited because i see so many people that i love to hear. .

&watch how jay & be fight the Paparazzi a few days ago in Croatia. oh maan. just let them do it maan.

loveeMEIKA =]

for the fellas.

amberROSE uncovered. .


loveeMEIKA =]


i was TOOOO WEAK !!

loveeMEIKA =]

lets see ..

how many people will take this.


loveeMEIKA =]

Thursday, August 20, 2009

sometimes. .

i dont know if i can handle it.

loveeMEIKA =]

but this isnt a smiling moment.

oh ROMEO !

maaan. .
yesterday my EX baby turned 20.
aww. he's getting big. nd i sent a text
to some people saying "HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY ROMEO"

& they told me to shut up.


loveeMEIKA =]

sorry. . for this shirt.

LMAO ! a spoof oh his apology !
dang mann.

loveeMEIKA =]

slow it down rangers. .

not only do the rangers make jerkin songs.. they want to slow it down for the ladies. .
heres a snippit !

"Baby you stay on my head like a fitted cap
& everything you do you no im feeling that
Baby you could run my heart like a marithon
& ill do anything for you to put me on
Cuz baby you stay on my blog each & every nite
I stay on my aim each and everything nite
you stay at the shows each & every time
& when i slow it dwn she'll be my num 1 dime"
how sweet.
its called "#1 Dime"
loveeMEIKA =]

faster&bigger !

maaan. in the beginning of september im going to make my way up to 6 Flags.
i was being me. . doing work on google. . i was curious to see if they had a fast
rollar coaster. . & that didnt pop up !
guess what did. .

Kings Dominion !

& its called the Intimidator 305

like seriously.
next spring they are going to have a roller coaster upping up !
its the fastest reaching up to 90 miles per hour ! its also the biggest
ohLORD !

for videos of it [CLICKHERE]

believe me ! im in there. i got love for busch gardens but the rides at BG are
not fast enough for me, i like the thrill & excitement of me flying everywhere;
thats where kings dominion comes in . thats why i'm going to 6Flags =]

for more info bout the Intimidator 305 click HERE !
& you know the lines are going to be long. .
when they first open. . just letting YOU know.

loveeMEIKA =]


OMG. from time to time.. i look up my name & see what pops up.
well today i looked up "loveemeika" on google ! nd i found out i 
was in global grind ! you know. . who is in control of that right?
well . . the simmons family [runs house] haha ! 

click HERE to see.

i keep laughing because im happy. 
oh man. this is good news for me.

but i feel like a loser smiling about this

loveeMEIKA =]


kwames father lmao

loveeMEIKA =]

i dont get people

for example;

im your friend .. but you ALWAYS be texting my boyfriend? 
alright man.

loveeMEIKA =]


my rihanna is back! with my favorites; kanye&jaaay.

loveeMEIKA =]

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


is a great feeling i must say;
i didnt know i would be happy.
even when i get mad. . all the things i say. .
i love him. with all my heart.

easy to be myself around. .

HAHAH. he doesnt know how
to control my craziness, but i cant
control how much i fall in love..
each day.

loveeMEIKA =]

kanye be that. .

nigga. HAHA

loveeMEIKA =]

they're from mars.

10 things woman know about men.

1) Men can’t help but check out other women.
You can swear up and down that you weren’t checking out the hottie from across the bar, but it’s okay, we know you were. Women get it’s an innate, programmed in your DNA kind of thing, but know that it doesn’t mean we like it. It’s been said once and here it is again, when with your lady, try to keep staring to a minimum.

2) Men care what others think of them, and even dress up for others. Women may take three times longer than men to get ready to go out, but we know men can care almost just as much about their appearance. You want to appear cool, suave and confident, and if you have to keep up a facade so others think you’re the aforementioned, you will. We like that you care about your appearance, as long as we remain prettier than you, it’s a-okay.

3) Men are visual beings. Women understand that being visual beings explains why men like porn, strip clubs and sexy lingerie. Further, we know you’d think it’d be hot if we did a strip tease for you in private. But note, not all women are comfortable enough in their own skin to do a strip tease. Do one first, and maybe she’ll follow suit.

4) Men can’t take hints. Women’s hints, leads or codes don’t always register into men’s brains. Further, you don’t grasp our non-verbal cues or tones in our voices. Women get that if they want a favor or expect you to do something, we need to tell you straight out what it is we want. However, some women may still hope that their guy knows them well enough to take a hint, and also refuse to believe men are that dense. Don’t be afraid to subtly ask what it is that we want…it’s better than assuming as that could end badly.

5) Men take sports seriously. “It’s just a game…” are words we know not to utter to a sports fan. Women get that men are competitive and love to watch other men run (or dribble) with balls, slam into each other and pat each other on the butt. Some women will never understand the fascination fully, so don’t expect them to always join in the watching rituals.

6) Men don’t want to admit it, but they need women in their lives. Whether it’s their mothers, girlfriends/wives, work buddies, friends or friends with benefits; it’s simple, men need a woman in their life. Women can offer men sound advice on love, family and work that is usually unparalleled to the advice another man would give. To the table, women bring compassion and a positive, caring spin on situations. All that, and of course, men need women for sexual purposes.

7) Men are scared of the term forever. It’s as if the word “forever” meant the end of the world is near or something equally as tragic. “Forever” doesn’t have to be a scary term. According to Dictionary.com, it means “without ever ending”. Flip it so it’s a positive connotation and now imagine love for your mate, family members, sports team, or pet “without ever ending” or being able to wear your favorite (now ratty) t-shirt or kicks “without ever ending.” Not so bad now, eh?

8) Men are bad at remembering dates. The only exception to this is remembering sports’ opening day dates or the date Grand Theft Auto IV comes out. For women to keep reminding you of dates and tasks such as when your parents are going to be in town or that the plumber is expecting to be paid in cash upon completion of his project gets quite tiring. Consider using your cell phone’s calendar function as a way to keep track of dates and details. (Even older models have a calendar function, but if yours doesn’t then opt for a pocket planner.) Remembering your mom’s birthday, Father’s Day or your anniversary on your own will score you brownie points.

9) Men like to gossip just as much as women do. Gossip is typically known as a woman’s sport, but we know guys enjoy it too. Male magazines such as Maxim and FHM have a few pages dedicated to celebrity gossip. Who’s dating whom, who got breast enhancements and whose music video is scorching hot are all featured and tucked away in their “Entertainment” sections. Straying away from celebrity gossip, do I dare say “locker room talk”?! More boasting and gossiping happens in locker rooms and happy hours that it gives the ladies on The View a run for their money. Though gossip can lead to rumors, it also makes for good conversation and in some strange way, bonding.

10) Men sometimes lie because it’s easier than telling the truth. We know you tell little white lies to spare our feelings, which sometimes is alright because we don’t like our feelings hurt. However, we know there are times you fib because the truth would be a big sordid mess and you’d rather avoid it. Lying through omission is still lying. Telling the truth and nothing but the truth may be too hard and sometimes unnecessary, but use your better judgment and tell the complete truth more often than not.

no commment bout anything.
i found this on a site the other day; but i didnt save the URL. eh.

loveeMEIKA =]

just get it out.

As tired as I am, I feel the need to express myself. Bam, no intro; just read it raw with no vaseline.

Take dat, take dat, bad boys.

crossed my mind lately:

1. The Dream sometimes looks like Hamburglar. but he still cute.

2. Flava Flav is Gucci Mane's father. You can't say nothing to convince me otherwise.

3. An ugly nigga is never worth your time. Or your vagina. You will live to regret it.

4. Neither is one who doesn't take trips to the dentist. You know the type. Teeth look like Reptar from Rugrats.

5. Mario better have some health-related reason as to why he's running around with his head looking like that.

6. Mc Donald's and BET have been conspiring with each other on how they can bring us down as a people.

As a future marketer, I hope I never have to add to the craziness.
But if I were a total idiot I'd do the following.
Picture it:
*in my Ad exec voice*

Juice Man, Gucci Mane ...dancing! ....I'm thinking jingle... something like....

"Quarter Pounder with cheese/Pickles, onions hey!/ One Dollar Sweet Tea/Apple Pie/Yay!"

im a MESS ! but if you see it; tell them where you saw it at YO!

Then I'd watch sales go through the roof =[

loveeMEIKA =]