" A goal without a plan is just a wish . ."
- Larry Elder

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

last post for march !

wow. this is my 40th post ?

nobody is seeing MEEEEE

i just dont blog about dumb stuff.
people actually read it nd message; text; & comment me bout it.

some say its their daily entertainment.
which i think is cute & it makes me feel
good that people like what i have to say.

yes yes yes !
DONT get like me =]

loveeMEIKA =]

do you remember. .

this song ?!
when EVERYONE used to have this on there myspace thinking they were something.

im not in a gang or anything. i just think it was funny.

loveeMEIKA =]

things change.

- everyone knew about my whole drama situation in the early start of the school year. Since Sunday, thats changed.
- everyone knew about how you were one of my guy bestfriends, Since December, thats changed.
- everyone knew that last year, i was quiet. Since the beginning of this year, thats changed.
- everyone knew that i didnt like cherries, Since January, thats changed.
- everyone knew that i was a selling dope on the streets. Since Monday, thats changed. that was a n e v e r .

what hasnt changed ?

- i still dont like any other berry; strawberries, blue&blackBerries. eeeh!
- i still dont like syrup. dont put that on my food or ill S N A P.
- i still love roller coasters. fast things excite me.
- i still think that one day, everything will be j u s t right in the world.

loveeMEIKA =]


angelica moss =]
MY FIRST bestfriend, back
from those chicago days.

see you in july !!

Monday, March 30, 2009

you DONT have to tell me again.

like i said . .you DONT have to tell me again. haha.
when i was leaving pe today this boy was like
"meika, yu a BEAST!"
like nigga i KNOW. hahahahahha !
anyways. .

so i know this MIGHT be dumb.
but in math class today when my teacher was talking bout "switching" the signs. .i thought of this song ! HA. nd i was singing it.
so HERE.

dance MEIKA go !

loveeMEIKA =]


it's just you & i against the world .people question us, nd i give them an answer. they judge. they think. they DONT know. people asking me why i choose you. i tell them i didnt, my heart did. distance is one t h i n g , but how we feel about each other is something different. it just make US stronger. someone telling us that they'll give us two to four weeks. some mess right? but we don't have a time limit on how long WE last, sorry we're not a parking meter. i know im a cluts but im not a cluts when it comes to feelings. it's just the cutiest things that you do when we're together that get me. the little things also. time is a good thing. and the time WAS right. & i STILL thanks rio. boy, youre in my heart for a r e a s o n .

" i m a y n e v e r f i n d "

ps; i think its funny when people add me because of US.
amen ! <3

loveeMEIKA =]

dont fall asleep !

my day. .so far.

seriously. what a day so far. i dont know how things could be worst. "cuz you had a bad day.. take a day off". . thats part of a song that i always hear in walmart for some odd reason. well . lets see, i dont even know when to start. .how bout the start of a "fresh" day. wel last night i was scared to death. dean was talkin bout how aliens landed on earth, and how he hopes they are cute. but then melly calmed me down ;D soo. i woke up, and jumped out the bed, remembering i had pe. i was so mad. i didnt remember if i folded it nd put it somewhere. i didnt know where it was. but that was whatever. then i remember i told my mom that i need ten dollars for track. this fundraising idea.. but she gave me four dollars this morning. hello. that doesnt even add up right. .i didnt have enough money for lunch. nd i had to borrow money from skye. *gotta pay her back. then in pe. haha. omg. so weak. there was a gight. it was soo funny. todayy we only had one regular teacher. nd the rest were subs. so when the girls started fighting the sub was like "get a teacher" nd we just stood there. hair flyin everywhere. everything was moving in SLOW MO! i get to math. nd i forgot to do my homework. seriously? nd now im in chemistry. nd i just failed a test. goodness. i hope the rest of my day is okay.

loveeMEIKA =]

Sunday, March 29, 2009


he keeps me entertained in this. .
nd on text. . lmao

i hear you brandon!

loveeMEIKA =]

i love the way

your body feels next to me. . haha. this ashanti song "oh baby" ithink its called is stuck in my head. well im trying to do blog spot on my g1. its sorta wierd. i wish they had an app. for this to make it way easier.
since when did people start gettin blogspot? a lot of people are starting to get it now !1 now i know how maurice felt..
i clearly hope people are NOT gonna steal my ideas nd thoughts. nd put it on there blog. then problems will come. ha. i love blog spot reallly. AND many people say i have the best blogs to read? ha. okay. good looks. i need to know who read them too. so i might give you a shout out.. yanno?

but last night. . i didnt go to bed till bout 4? ha. me nd lizbrey were just talkin up a storm. nd we tried to get andrew in his sleep. but things didnt seem to work out. well. i got pickd up tooo early. then i did some chores . then went to the movies nd mall with lizbrey dru teresa lj & mel <3 oh how fun. ha. i scream to loud in scary movies. nd im such a cluts. thats what ive been told.

yeee. a Bday Week.
ugh. i hate Bdays really.
they anger me with to much stress.

ha. my dad just said "i wonder what would happen if someone set a bomb in a grave yard, what would happen? because everyones dead anyways"

trueee !

loveeMEIKA =]


long time makin this.
with Lizbrey's "HD" camera not working. .
we had to start over again. ha but it was fun
nd tiring. check it out.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

i just thought about

how we had that fire thing yesterday.
ha. someone pulled a move, pulled the alarm jank..

nd i was just thinking AGAIN what me donoven nd kwame
were talking bout at lunch. ha. how a dude pulled the fire
alarm when they were in 8th grade. like he kept pullin it even
tho it was already pulled. nd when people were going outside
nd leaving the classes, he was doing kart wheels & back flips
down the hallway. he didnt care which was funny, but then
its not. so haha ! =]

but i remember what i did in 8th grade ! ha. who doesnt?
with the fire extinguisher. thats a story i dont even wanna
explain. haha. i got administrative detention tho. nd its
off my record . so i am GOOOOOOD.

f i r e ! thats what it means. .
i always wanted that for a tattoo.

loveMEIKA =]

Friday, March 27, 2009

so i guess.

im just a BEAST in everything i do right ? lemme stop forreal. today was interesting nd went by TOOO fast. but i had fun in all my classes, i didnt finish a test "meika you slippin" yes i know. but my teacher, well student teacher, let us request songs that she can look up& we listen to. nd i was JAMMIN ! i picked nsync. nd i made this girl pick a backstreet boys song. the boys were MAD. but i was happy. so thats all that matters. im just kidding. i swear i answerd like 40 out of the 75. nd bout half of them were wrong. HAHAA jeeez. in english class, me&ness had a picnic. today she brought the pb&j's nd i bought the chips nd drinks. its just OUR thing. nd then at lunch "arubic" lmao ! "dvonte is mixed with arubic!" i felt SO DUMB. cindi nd everyone kept making fun of me saying that i was trying to say "arabic" which i was.. but i just couldnt get it out !! track practice was after school. no first pictures. i love my team.
^ click the picture to make bigger ^

we have some beautiful girls with talent. jessica, the one next to me. . shes the number 2 shotputer in the state. marlena, the 2nd girl on the bottom left is the number 2 runner in the nation for high school, nd next to her taylor, is number 4. talent runs in the family for most. its a m a z i n g if you ask me. they make me stronger with saying "dont cheat the program" because landstown high is known to have the BEST track program from high school in the country. & i made the word bold for a reason, people just know our school. the work outs were crazy today tho btw. ha. 10 x 10 for bench. 10 x 10 for squats. nd 200 crunches. it doesnt seem like a l o t. but it builds up. yesterday was good workout tho, i feel nd love the pain of success coming my way. every point counts for track meets. i already feel stronger, just ask mel ;D

speaking of jaMELl, after practice, my tired self, went to the rec to chill& play ball with him. i beat him. yes everyone knows. they saw. lemme stop. but he does have a J tho. ha. then keshawn came, then rossy. those LOSERS. lemme stop. i love all of them. keke was tryna spit game to someone in the game room. everyone is too GAY, if you get what i mean. if not. .happy. HA! "he was my man before you" pwhahaha. i mean *haha bae ;D . jaMEL is just something different, and he's sooo sweet =] "give me one for good luck" haha . mMm ! haha IM STILL BETTER =] & he just reminded me. . thanks to LJ, lots of f i r s t get messed up. HA. he's gonna get beat up also. watch out.

loveeMEIKA =]

Thursday, March 26, 2009



just call me his first lady


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

music page;

click MEEEE

T O D A Y ;

shot put;
27 feet 1 inch
69 feet 5 inches

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

that picture.

im NOT introuble. so people need to stop asking questions.
because im not going to tell what it was for.

but that picture MAKES me look like im a bad person.
well that EMAIL. because now teachers think im
"wanted" nd what not. UGH.

but its funny how EVERYONE knew it was ME because
of my outfit& hair. pwhaha.


loveeMEIKA =]

Monday, March 23, 2009

i always start geekin..

when i hear these FOUR songs. .

bring back memories?

those elementary times man =[
and now they mean a l o t .

loveeMEIKA =]

j o u r n e y .

this was for a BIG test grade in english, some stuff might be wrong but its whatever. go with it;
click the pictures to make them bigger.

the top area = I
the bigger area = II
the top right= III
the bottom right = IV

I. How did I come to be the person I am?

To become the person I am, it took years with different kinds of peoples help. I go to people when I need advice or help with a conflict. They also assist me with my decisions in my life. The way I talk, is different from the family that lives in my household. I sort of have a little accent that comes out sometimes. It’s kind of like a “southern” accent at the end of the words. My parents say I get it from my grandma who lives in Chicago. My parents always discipline me when I do something wrong, so I wouldn’t do it again. Teaching me proper manners and how to present myself in public, is taught to me by my parents. My pets, Precious, Monee, and Coach, taught me how to become responsible. My cousins and sister help me realized that I can always count on them when I need something.

II. Who am I now?

Personally I don’t know how to describe myself. People tell me all the time that I am “different”. When I am ask them what do they mean, they just say “something special”. I’m happy most of the time, but there are sometimes when I don’t have a good mood. Who I hang out with is my choice. I don’t have a real brother, but I do have someone named Andrew that is the closest person to a brother I have. When I wasn’t allowed to be with my real sister, Lizbrey was the closest to a sister that have. I don’t have a “clique” but I have a fantastic four. Most of my friends don’t get all “connect” with my other friends like I connect with them, so sometimes it’s hard hanging out with all of them at one time. Team work was taught to me by playing sports such as basketball. Strength was taught to me with sports such as shot put and discus. Courage was taught to me by my parents putting me in kickboxing classes back in middle school. Some factors that may confuse my identity is my ethnic background. I’m half Filipino and half African American, and many people think I have to act like either one of them. I clearly think that I act the way I want to, and to think about how I’m supposed to act. It should just flow naturally.

III. What are my dreams?

When I grow up, I want to be a successful woman. One day having finishing collage at Johnson and Wales University. After I get settled down, have a wonderful wedding and start a family. I have goals on meeting president Obama one day. I don’t know how, but it is going to happen. For an occupation, I dream of holding a camera. Not a classic Samsung, but a nice Canon or Nikon. Seeing things threw a camera is something different then what you see with your eye. With myself and the chemistry I have with sports, I want to become a sports photographer. I want to be socially and musically connect with everything I do also. My dream is to also have world peace. World peace is something that doesn’t just come; it has to be worked on.

IV. What are some of the obstacles that try to prevent me from realizing my dreams?

An obstacle that can be something that effects my goal is that, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”. You have to work for what you want and it just doesn’t come. Another obstacle is that sometimes racial problems keep you from doing something you want to do. Sometime a dream is a “dream”, and you need to check into reality.

dora the explorer

behold; the NEW dora the explorer. i had to do a current event in sports&entertainment for homework. & ill just put my summary up here about it;

^click for article

Dora the Explorer has been around since the year 2000. As the years go by, children grow up, and people on television follow. But it is very uncommon for children show characters or products to grow with them too. In this case, a television series for Nickelodeon, “Dora the Explorer” has followed the audience. Now Dora is going to walking around exploring with her new “girlfriends”, but not with Boots, the Map, Swiper and other characters that are from the original show. It was the toy maker, Mattel, idea to let Dora grow up to be around the age of 10. Dora the Explorer now has long brown hair, a pink dress that appears to look like a shirt, purple leggings, and orange flats. Dora does not wear makeup, but her lips look very glossy Many moms are not happy because they say that it seems like, “Dora is a streetwalker and a sexed- up version of a children’s icon.” . The mothers say that the doll also looks more like a “Britney Spears” or “Lindsay Lohan” then someone that would be in elementary school. The new show will also teach children how to speak Spanish. The original Dora the Explorer show will be still running, but the version will start to run in October as an extension. It’s just a risk that both companies are willing to take.

My opinion of this article is that the original Dora is a good example for younger children, but the parents still need to give the “new” Dora a chance on what she has to offer. Sometimes if they company makes the wrong choice in something, they will lose their consumers. Parents also have to remember that it’s them, which control what their children view on the television. In my opinion Dora just became older. It has been nine years since she was created, and as time change, other things also change with it. In this case, it’s Dora. I think it’s also a great idea to run both the original and the newer version.


but her outfit is cute.

loveeMEIKA =]

Sunday, March 22, 2009


jamell president =]

loveeMEIKA =]


this girl is CRAZY !
haha =]

loveeMEIKA =]

Saturday, March 21, 2009

so i love ..

how people think the internet revolves around them.

but it doesnt.

so when i talk to someone on bulletins.
and theyre not friends with the person
im talking to nd they dont see what they
say for me to respond. its an a u t o matic BAM
that they think its about them. which i think
is funny. it just makes you look dumb if you ask.
& then when other people j u m p in & try to make
statements to stur things up? oh man.

ha. this pot is already cookin. i said
thats been my saying for i dont know
how long. because beef is REAL nd
tofu is FAKE. so yeah. im just saying

i dont have PROBLEMS with anybody.
but if you have a problem with me. .
i d o n t c a r e .

because a l o t of people dont like me.
nd i know some of my family doesnt
like me. so whats th difference with you?

so just keep it walking. like strangers.

its gonna be like that. & always be
like that. just expressing MY point
& MY view . and if you dont like MY
bulletins or what i have to say. ..

delete me. just click on my bulletin
nd click "delete this user" nd it would
be the end of YOUR worries.

loveeMEIKA =]

Friday, March 20, 2009

how did i spend it?

the friday.
like real mess.
aha. at a retirement party as we speak.
to much OLD people. ha.
but i miss my "sister"&"brother".we gotta chill again but everytime we chill. .we always get in an arguement.its always me & lizbrey VS andrew. so its unfair BUT whatever.
"no sleeve"
pwahaha. remember that?
aww man i miss you guys. like forreal. but guess
what? people still think that we are ALL related.
im craving some soda. freaking LENT got me giving up the fizz. i want orange SODA too.

i gotta order my shoes for shotput&discus. nd the ones that i want. . they DONT have my size anymore. like seriously . i gotta find some more. im excited.

i need to order THIS disc. i think shot put is where im best at. but i want to get better at disc too.
school is still a drag. not doing good with my bDay classes still. like they hate me or something.
class of 2011 shirt designs are due on the 27th.
the person that wins. . gets $25 off their JR package
next year, nd that seriously is a lot of money. & a
free tshirt. .so that isnt bad right ?
get with it
loveeMEIKA =]

Thursday, March 19, 2009


my body is like a PAINT sample.
lets seee. .

click it to make it bigger. .

im right.
my tummy area is like Tumeric.
my arms go from Caramel corn to coppertone to autumn bronze and STRAIGHT to saddle brown.
my legs are the same way. .

my mom says, "youre not even filipino anymore" HA
i would like to thank practice.
shot put & discus.

loveeMEIKA =]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

what a GREAT day.

yesterday was my mom's birthday. another year older. OH well. lemme stop =]
but then today was my parents anniversary. .19 years. ahah

okay. today.
tyreek needs to give me my GREEN hoodie back. you dont mess with the green. but anyways. today in school. .bDAY. i hate those. but today i liked it.
in math.. i understood everything we were talking bout for once. even if the teacher told me and cody to shut up. lmao. in chem. well you know how the parents can look at the grades on the 25th? well teachers can put a note on there. .nd my teacher put:

subject: March18
body: daydreaming like she is stoned, again

man i was weak ! haha but he erased it because i told him that my dad already thinks i do that kind of thing. hahha! ;D BUT tell me why my chem teacher [mr.venner] was at my track meet! like really? i was bout to throw disc and he was there. nd i was like O_O "what are you doing here?" tell me why this man started asking me how much it weighd. i said 1K. nd he was like "how much is that in grams". . "uh?" "kilograms". . dude knowing i cant DO THAT. lmao

OH. i beat my personal record too
shot last year was: 22 ft
shot today was: 26 ft 4 inches

discus i did BAD. jeeez.
last year : 52 ft
today: 49 ft.

we ALL have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a "Hell day" work out.


haha ! he had to run too ! he did good ! proud proud. we made a video too =]

this dude is hella funny.
& on top of that. .

i got my pancakes today. YUM

loveeMEIKA =]

Monday, March 16, 2009

i have to admiiiiittt

im the WRONG person to like


doing this and NOT homework.. lately, i've been sleeping ! i love sleep. YUM !

this angers me.
and so does s c h o o l .

adrian johnson is my daily entertainment.
that l o s e r
my greAtfriend. but whatever. still a loser.

ive been organizing my closet. even tho i didnt
tell anyone forreal i was doing it? but when people
ask me what im doing, i say "im fixing my closet"
but that mess is looking mad s e x y. LMAO.

whatever. beEASY

loveeMEIKA =]

Thursday, March 12, 2009

kept you. .

reading. lmao. today was interesting. my two favorite twins, nene & lele. .switched. lele went to the middle school& nene went to the high school. lmao. it was a low key thing but people were messing it up. so one of the teachers switch them back on the low low. dont want neither of them getting in trouble ! at that.. me and skye. . REJECTD ! lmao "no, i want to sleep" freaking JERK.

& JEEEZ. today was MAD cold outside. & i forgot my sweat pants for practice. i was FREEEZING.

what still gets me is this:
"why wont you stab yourself & call nineONEone." - adrian johnson.
just because i told him to go to sleep the other day. .
he told me that. which is STILL funny.

class of two thousand eleven meeting was today.
im going to REPEAT this;
if you werent at the meeting. . dont complain bout the
shirts and whatever. shirt designs are due on march27;
so get them in. ring dance themes are looking good. im
digging the "old hollywood" look idea. gives us more
thoughts. i was working on a tShirt design, got deleted.
like really. hard work.

" Reaching for the stars, stretching to the heavens,
we are the class of 2011 "

keep THAT in mind. .

still planning my party. .. ugh. hard WORK!
july. . july. .july !

loveeMEIKA =]

when i get home. .

cookie dough; its calling .. .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


HAHA. since when does he have to make money off of commercials ?
remember my romeo OCD? nah. cuz most of you havent known me THAT long.
"master p-nut"

loveeMEIKA =]


oh so serious. i stayed up FOREVER last night doing homework that wasnt even due today..

loveeMEIKA =]

WHATdo i miss?

  • the happiness
  • my BRACES
  • all the filipino get-togethers i used to go to every saturday back in the day
  • roller coasters
  • when classes were easier [1stGRADE-7thGRADE]
  • greenTEA
  • orangeSODA [thank lent]
  • c h i c a g o
  • p h i l i p p i n e s
  • my sister
  • my dog, aladdin
  • the GOOD days. .

loveeMEIKA =]

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

" GO YOU ! "

i woke up. got dressed. went on the school website to get the number for my coach. i handed it to my dad. . nd. . he let me go to practice . . i was excited. i also went to a sports banquet. we had to "dress up" and i guess i made a lot of life threats. HAH. cutters man. i swear they will. . get cut. haha. it was kinda exciting i guess. the food was banging ;D nd people were looking G O O D . them BIG cupcakes. ha. me & skye surely did share them. we only wanted the icing. sweet mother of pearl. the i was getting kind of bored at moment. aha. "YOU CUTE YO" but my parents embarrased me while i got my " piece of paper " and the star. how RUDE. i wish was cool enough like danyal to win an award. lmao. but people were "appreciated". not i. oh well. but i did get a STAR & a "piece of paper" for my second year playing "basketball". haha. a star for a jacket i dont even have. i kinda wish landstown had some tradition. since we're a new school [2oo1] we barely have anything interesting like the other schools. we dont have "mr.landstown" or "mrs. landstown". we have dances. . that people DONT go to. .hah. like stupid valentines day dance. HAHAHA. it sold like TWO tickets. freshman. it just bothers me. no bonfires or anything forreal. im tired of hearing stories from other schools having fun. since we are the academy for marketing, i dont really understand why we dont have the BEST clothing for our school since we have fashion marketing and ADVANCE fashion marketing, we dont have the best "marketing" . that goes to tallwoodHIGH. they got some cool tradition's .

halle. skyler. & i

but whatever. i thought i was going to break this laptop. after the banquet my dad wanted to go to target, so we went. we got the new j.Holiday and the Dream cd. when i got home, i tried uploading it on my itunes then it said that i had to reinstall the freaking itunes. like really? thats NINE and a half days of music G O N E . i seriously wanted to cry. got to put in WORK now. but whatever. got to finish this homework with the 11 paragraphs and coloring. stupid test tomorrow i know im going to fail. amen.

o h y e a h . . i rode the activity bus for the FIRST time. .in highschool. interesting.

loveeMEIKA =]

Monday, March 9, 2009

it's OVER

my life seems to gone down the drain in the last couple days. can't really go ANYWHERE but school forreal.

progress reports came out today, can you say. . the bullet to the gun? i got the following;

A Day:
Sports&Entertainment marketing: A
AP Human Geography: B
Tech Academy Honors English 11: B

B Day:
Health/PE 10: B
Algebra2: E
Chemistry: D

like really? im not even supposed to have a freaking "E" in alg. I stayed after school today for some help before i went to my ortho. appt. & i asked my teacher what the number grade was. he said "63" but the thing is that i have a zero in there for a quiz i dont remember missing? like seriously? i looked at my attendance JUST now, and i dont have any days absent in that class to not take it. hmmm . he said if i least get a 20%, my grade will be a 70. so i can do that i guess. but i told my dad that, and he still DOESNT care what so ever. he took me off shotput & discus. there goes MY dream of at least making it to states. this is HORRIBLE. my teachers .. .set me up.

naaah. to many dreams ahead of me for that.
trying to get the opportunities that i can get NOW
then wait for college.

"party on down" - mrs. myers. LMAO.

&ilove lizbrey&andrew ! sis&bro. lmao.

loveeMEIKA =]

Sunday, March 8, 2009

my savior ..

mMm !

loveeMEIKA =]

Saturday, March 7, 2009

oh SO heated.

so i guess i get in trouble right ? trouble follows me around way to much. i dont like to listen. i want to do what i want. but it doesnt mean i dont listen. . or i do . .do what i want. i try to listen. and i try to do what i want. but the only thing . .the only people. .stopping me are my parents. real TALK. give me a car, and im gone. not coming home for a while. i hate staying home. this place gets to boring. sad to say but i cant wait till i turn 18. so i can do what i want. but i know people say "dont rush" and older people complain how they wish they never said that. .but forreal. i dont like whats going on right now. "people" yelling for no apparent reason. saying "youre pissing me off" okay AND? this HAS to stop. i cant always make you happy. this is whatever. so stressed out.

loveeMEIKA =]

Friday, March 6, 2009


that picture to the left is from last year. . last outdoor season. let me start by saying. . i do shotput and discus. when people see me they think i would never do that and be like "forreal . .seriously?" and im like "dead up". i can do anything if i put my mind and heart into it. i tried shotput&discus last year [freshman] because coach anderson like how i was always competitive & how my upper body strength was. well i guess. . since its a new season, im gonna try to do better things then last year. jessica williams. a lot of yall know of her prob as a meaaaan person. hello. she is. but she helped me learn what i know now in shotput and discus. i started from nothing last year. . didnt know how to hold either a shotput or discus, and now its cake. lmao. hitting up them weight rooms. . put it work maan. yesterday, i made jessica hella happy, i tried a new way of throwing it. . and it went far. and already during practice i beat my personal record for last year. so all im sayin is big things are gonna be happening ! time to get serious .

loveeMEIKA =]

Thursday, March 5, 2009

thisGOES o u t to,

HAHA. he helped me set this up i guess. he said "& i want a whole blog on yours sayin how much you love me &that i helped yu." so here you go maurice. . haha. sike this would be really messed up if i just left it like that. .right? so i met you in the summer. long story SHORT, we became good friends. i vent to you a lot. and you do the same. we have our "sundays best" and "friday kickoff" somtimes you make me feel really dumb because youre so smart. if anyone messes with you, they are DONE.
. . buhlike. ..

loveeMEIKA =]


this has to be be the start of something new. but this isnt some high school musical theme forreal. i just wanted to try something different . i'm kinda tired of venting out into my "m i n d" journal, but call me crazy , but thats what i do. i'm not going to put anything personal up here, because hello, internet safety. i like to express myself, but sometimes i dont know how so i sometimes k e e p it in. i also think that its bad to do that because after a while, the anger. . b u i l d s. so when i vent, i do it well. .but sometimes i do it really bad. & you probably wouldnt have ANY say in whats going on. . so whatever is on here. .is ment to be read.
let me have a chance to put MY own business out there;
because you have NO right forreal to do it.

MY issues. MY problems. YOUR issues. YOUR problems.

loveeMEIKA =]